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I hope you have found this website useful, I decided to create this website after trading on eBay for 6 months. I was fed up with the 'hidden' costs aspect of eBay where you were never quite sure how much it was costing you. When my eBay invoices arrived it was a mystery where they got their figures from!

I had a look around the internet for eBay calculators, they were either too basic or too expensive! (i.e not free!) I aimed to go beyond the basic calculator and to give the user the complete picture and include recommendations where they could improve their listing to save them money. I hope you all enjoy the calculator, if you'd like to thank me, you could always buy me a virtual pint. Cheers!


16th Sept 05Beta version online
1st Oct 05 Finally, full release online!
4th Oct 05 Added YaBB forum
7th Oct 05 Added Free Ebay Images Tutorial
8th Oct 05 Added Picture Pack, Bold & Highlight to eBay options on the Calculator
9th Oct 05 Added Motors & Real estate options to the Calculator
11th Oct 05 Added link to ezaytools page here
12th Oct 05 Fixed Apple Mac layout problem
15th Oct 05 Added beers to the Buy me a pint page
18th Oct 05 Added reserve level check to the Calculator
19th Oct 05 Added Amazon Market Place Calculator
29th Oct 05 Added link to
All the best deals from Currys, PC World and Dixons, updated daily
10th Mar 06 Added promotional voucher codes for Paypal & Parcel2Go
19th Apr 06 Updated Royal Mail postage rates
29th Aug 06 Updated Royal Mail postage rates to include size
4th Sept 06 Removed forum
11th Mar 08 Updated with new ebay fees

User feedback

Amazon Calculator

"I have just had a go with this and it works well - it's very easy to assume that you are making a decent return on your book sales but when you take a proper look at the costs with this calculator you can make sure that you don't get any nasty surprises when the book sells...thank you."

"Excellent, clean and simple, Thanks, I'll find it useful if I put more books online."

eBay Calculator

"Awesome idea, well implemented and very easy to use."

"I REALLY like the way it gives you a suggested starting price, you can either use this, or start lower and know that you will need to reach this to break even."

"This is an incredibly useful and handy tool for any eBay addict. Plus it's entirely free!"