Html Help for Auction adverts

Add your own digital photos to your ebay advert for free!

Fed up with paying ebay to host your pictures?

You can add your own pictures for free, this is how to do it:

  1. Sign up for a free account with Photo Box online image storage
  2. Upload the digital camera images you want in your eBay advert to Photobox
  3. On PhotoBox, click the 'Share this Album' link next to the Album on your albums page.

  4. This will take you to the Sharing Wizard. On the Share Tab, click the Public option.

  5. Click on the Thumbnail tab to go back to your photos.
  6. Choose the photo you want to use in your eBay advert, either the thumbnail or the larger picture that you see when you click on the thumbnail. Right click on the picture and select 'Properties' from the popup menu

  7. Using the mouse, highlight the Address (URL) as shown above. Right click on the highlighted text and select 'copy'
  8. Close the properties window and open a browser and start your ebay advert. On the 'Title and details' page, you need to change into html editting. To do this select the 'Enter your own html' tab.

    Type the following:

    <img src="">

    you need to right click and select paste in between the quotes so with our example you would end up with:

    <img src="">

    Now click on the standard tab. You should see the image from your camara displayed!

    You can do this with as many images as you like.

    Advanced Html

    To see how to use html to improve your advert even more, click here to see the Advanced HTML Tutorial

  9. Things that can go wrong

    The picture has disappeared from my auction

    This is probably because you did not make the image public on photobox. Note that some picture types are against Photo Box's Terms and Conditions (nudity for example) and they have the right to remove any such material.

This tutorial is copyright © 2006 Richard Harris