Easy to use tools for eBay
and Amazon

Use this website to calculate the 'real' profit you make on eBay and Amazon Market Place

It includes all the charges (such as final sale commission, paypal fees and so on) there is also a handy postage calculator that can give you the postage cost for a given service and can also calculate the cheapest postage method for a given weight.

Best of all it's completely free to use!


  • How much you are set to lose if your item does not sell
  • What profit you could make if your item sales for your start price / final price
  • Your break even price - useful for setting your start or reserve price
  • Gives you recommendations on how to improve your profits
  • Picks your optimum number of items to sell to maximise your buy-it-now profit
  • Calculates your Royal mail or DHL postage cost for a given weight
  • Includes your ebay options costs via a simple interface

Calculator updated with new ebay fees!

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These calculators are completely free to use!
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